5 Signs Hinting at a Vitamin B12 Deficiency

Barely able to keep your eyes open during the day? Nodding off during important meetings? Constantly hitting your snooze button, for just “one more minute of sleep”?

If any of these behaviors sound familiar it might be that you’re simply not getting enough sleep, or you may have a vitamin deficiency.

What is B12 and What Does It Do?

This essential nutrient helps maintain the body’s nervous system and red blood cells. It also makes DNA. This vitamin metabolizes every cell of the human body, including fatty and amino acids. Since B12 prevents anemia, a condition that can cause weakness and fatigue, someone who suffers from a deficiency often suffer from symptoms of anemia.

Below are five signs you may be suffering from a Vitamin B12 Deficiency:

1. So Tired Every Day

If the alarm clock has become your sworn enemy and your bed your best friend, it might be time for more B12. Constant fatigue is one of the main symptoms of a B12 deficiency, because when this vitamin is low, the body has fewer red blood cells. The primary job of those red blood cells is to transport oxygen from the lungs to other parts of the body.

A lack of red blood cells translates to fatigue. That’s why no matter how much you sleep get, if there aren’t enough of these cells coursing through your body, then you’ll still spend the day exhausted.

2. Feeling Weak All Week
When that 5-pound weight feels like a ton of bricks, there could be other issues going on with your body. Oxygen is a necessity for muscles and recovery after exertion. In addition, B12 helps metabolize protein and fat, which are both essential for building muscle. Therefore, without enough B12, your muscles become weak and you end up feeling anemic and drained.

3. Always Under the Weather
This nutrient is also responsible for the production of white blood cells, the cells that support the immune system. Therefore, when B12 is depleted you may get sick more often since you don’t have the antibodies to fight off infections.

4. White as a Ghost
There’s a huge difference between pale, or a fair complexion, and the ghost-like look that can accompany a vitamin deficiency. When B12 is low, some individuals look literally drained.

5. Stomach Issues
Digestive enzymes are also generated with the help of B12. That’s precisely why digestive issues, ranging from constipation and lack of appetite to inflammatory bowel disease and candida, are some of the symptoms many individuals note when this deficiency is found to be the culprit.

Treatments for B12 Deficiencies

The human body doesn’t make B12 on its own. Everyone needs a little help from outside sources in order to generate this nutrient-rich substance. Some of the major sources of B12 come from liver, kidney and clams, not exactly items on everyone’s daily menu. Other types of meat, fish, dairy and eggs contain moderate amounts of B12.

Yet, some research has shown that the best way to treat a B12 deficiency is not by consuming items rich in it but by infusing the vitamin. If you’re feeling tired or weak, an injection of vitamin B12 can give you a boost of energy and stimulate your metabolism.

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