How to Recover From Thanksgiving Overindulgence

Too much stuffing and pumpkin pie? Throw in that excess of red wine you managed to sip pre- and post-dinner and it’s no wonder your head is foggy and your belly bloating.

Thanksgiving isn’t the most body-positive holiday. Not only do we tend to overindulge in both rich foods and alcohol – travel, stress and lack of sleep can also contribute to that not-so-good feeling. Many people also find themselves with a nasty cold after spending time on airplanes or with relatives and friends Thankfully, there are ways to heal your body and mind after all that abuse.

Holiday Health Tips

The old adage says to never discuss politics or religion at the dinner table, yet they both seem to inevitably come up when family members get together. Add in that California traffic and it makes sense that many of us emerge from the holiday weekend, swollen, dehydrated and cranky. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Here are some tips to help you recover from your Thanksgiving indulgence and conquer the rest of the holiday season with health on your side.

Try Vitamin IV Therapy in Los Angeles

Whether you’re traveling, eating bloat-inducing food, enjoying too many cocktails or generally just feeling the stress around this time of year, an IV vitamin infusion can target your specific symptoms. Our Los Angeles vitamin IV therapy cocktails effectively deliver missing nutrients and vitamins directly to the bloodstream which helps your mind and body recover faster.

Detox your body with a mélange of vitamin B12, magnesium and taurine or treat that holiday hangover with the Sunday Morning Remedy, a mix of B-complex, folic acid and magnesium to get you hydrated and happy.

Interested in learning more about Nenergy Boost’s extensive menu of IV therapy treatments? Schedule a vitamin IV session in Los Angeles by booking an appointment online.

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